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Getting Your First Sales

taught by Jacqueline Ros
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Jacqueline explains the importance of sales for a startup as well as the importance of paying close attention to your data and results in order to make future decisions. She touches on various sales channels and discusses the importance of starting to sell your product online.


  1. Meet Jacqueline Ros.
  2. It’s all about sales.
  3. Selling through.
  4. Be data driven.
  5. Know your customer.
  6. Choosing your sales channel.
  7. The sales pitch.
  8. Watch your burn rate.
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Jacqueline Ros
Jacqueline Ros
Co-Founder at Revolar

Jacqueline is the co-founder of Revolar, a technology company that builds wearables and software to help people stay safe and live fearlessly. For the past few years, her team took Revolar through a successful Kickstarter campaign, two Techstars accelerator programs and a $3 million funding round from Boulder-based venture capital firm Foundry Group. Revolar has been featured on NBC News, TeenVogue, The Voice, and more.