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Finding Your Business Idea

taught by Romain Vakilitabar
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In this chapter, Romain encourages us to smash our lightbulb moments and focus on problems rather than ideas. Together, we go back to third grade to identify these problems, hypotheses and tests, and practice looking at “what could be” versus “what is”. Lastly, Romain reminds us that every marathon begins with a single step, and once you start running, you will absolutely love what you are doing.


  1. Meet Romain Vakilitabar.
  2. The lightbulb moment.
  3. Identifying problems.
  4. Common excuses.
  5. The 4 steps.
  6. Go back to third grade.
  7. Lean prototyping.
  8. What is vs. what could be.
  9. Don’t keep your ideas a secret.
  10. Each marathon begins with a single step.
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Romain Vakilitabar
Romain Vakilitabar
Founder at Pathos VR

Romain is the founder of Pathos VR, a virtual reality lab creating empathy-based and perception-changing experiences. Prior to founding Pathos VR, he published his children's book communicating climate change to younger audiences, traveled the world with Unreasonable at Sea, and helped build Watson University as Vice President. He's written for Technori.com, is featured in the new books "2 Billion Under 20" and "Compassionate Careers", has spoken internationally, and was voluntarily homeless in the streets of Scandinavia to train his mental resilience and to test the dogma that “need is the mother of all invention.”