295222770923760 Conducting Research & Seeking Feedback

Conducting Research & Seeking Feedback

taught by Alexandra Weiner
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Conducting Research & Seeking Feedback
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Course description

In this course, Alexandra encourages us to share our business ideas with everybody. That way, we can gather necessary feedback as quickly as possible. She then describes the importance of building customer avatars and running a beta group, while sharing how to effectively prototype your product to prepare it for the market.


  1. Meet Alexandra Weiner.
  2. Who should you talk to about your idea?
  3. Conducting customer interviews.
  4. Pitching.
  5. Push out your product before it’s ready.
  6. Building customer avatars.
  7. Building a beta group.
  8. Rapid prototyping.
  9. Keep people in the loop.
  10. Seek feedback.
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Alexandra Weiner
Alexandra Weiner
Co-Founder at Sigmend

Alexandra is the CEO of Sigmend, a Denver based startup that helps businesses find and review brain health resources to better support their employees. Sigmend is one of the less than 1% of startups to be accepted to the Techstars Accelerator, a nationally ranked startup program, and Alexandra is among the youngest founders to graduate from Techstars. Her company was noted in a case study on Mental Health at the University of Southern California, gained recognition at a state level for Mental Health Month, and will be featured in a documentary on mental health identification and awareness in late 2017.