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Branding and Marketing

taught by Chris White
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Chris White
Chris White
Co-Founder of Shinesty

About the instructor

At age 18, Chris was forced to become financially independent, plus pay for his tuition at DePauw University. He started working multiple commission-based sales jobs and it set his life on a different course. While in graduate school, Chris learned about the apparel business by selling screen printed clothing to students and became very aware of what college students thought was funny. From there, Chris set off to build a totally ridiculous, sarcastic, and irreverent brand that helped people look awesome and find unique, outlandish fashion items. Shinesty now has 25+ employees; an annual growth rate of 400% over the last two years; nationally known customers, such as the Chicago Cubs; and recently filmed a docu-comedy series with MTV.

Chris walks us through the origin of Shinesty’s brand and the importance of branding for every startup. He discusses how branding is the soul of a company and must be built in relation to the personalities of the founders.He further covers how to build a brand from the start with little resources and a low budget.


  1. Meet Chris White.
  2. The origin of the Shinesty brand.
  3. Branding is the soul of your company.
  4. The “why”.
  5. Knowing your own personality.
  6. Content is king.
  7. Pay attention to the details.
  8. Building a brand on a budget.

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